Tunnel vision in the office.


man counts money in office
he prefers the LITTLE picture

I talked to an editor for a  business board and executive meetings magazine last week, and he said, “oh, everyone likes cartoons in powerpoint, because you need to add some levity to the presentation.”

Well, here’s your levity, pal. :)

I like men who think practical, and down to earth — ie, they have a job. No theory, no scriptwriter or big picture necessary — just bring home the regular paychecks. Bean counters have machismo…and sometimes they get the girl.

That being said, to the man in this cartoon, stay out of my portfolio, mister.

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ID #3860bp  Cartoon caption: Two men at work walk past office where man is counting his dollar bills, and one says, Well, Bradley has never been what you would call a visionary.