Best sources for real news.


tv reporting is too slow
twitter for fast-breaking news!

Here’s where you can find breaking news, and bad journalism, before anyone else nowadays:

  1. Twitter (especially good info about dead people)
  2. Facebook (Most news on Facebook is usually wrong, dubious sources, or several years old, however. :) But it’s fast. :)
  3. Radio (if they have s separate news team. Otherwise, just amusing gossip)
  4. Actual newspaper sites or the AP (often the first version of a news report is partly wrong, but what are you going to do, right?)
  5. Huffington Post (PuffPo) — (Not an actual news source, but a content farm that is quicker to steal than any other site.)
  6. Blogs, both private and corporate. (Pretty accurate. Their name is on it, after all.)
  7. Print and TV. (Most fun to read, if you want details on anything, or additional reporting. Most accurate. TV, however, also has  interviews with people on the street. Bor-ing.)

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ID # 2639vab       Caption: Man watches TV. News broadcaster says, This just in, breaking news…oops, too late, the bloggers gut there before us.

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