How to get your tabs back when Chrome loses them

How to Recover your Chrome Tabs

Have you ever noticed how useless the Google forums are about, well, everything? The questions always seem to be about 3 years old, and the admins there often don’t answer at all, answer partially, or sometimes don’t admit there’s even a problem! :)

So even though it’s Chrome, don’t expect help from Google. On the whole Chrome is very stable, but once in a blue moon when I come back, all the tabs are gone. I love my tabs. I need my tabs. Here’s the only thing I found that brought them back to life.

Viktor Frankenstein working in his lab, from a German Wiki













Here is how to recover your whole session, via Bleeping

  1. Keep your Chrome browser open
  2.  (For PC Users): Use the key combo [Ctrl][Shift][T]. Hold down all three keys in the same order as shown [Ctrl][Shift][T].
  3.  (For Mac Users): Use the key combo [Cmd][Shift][T]. Hold down all three keys in the same order as shown [Cmd][Shift][T].
Save tabs in Chrome for next time

Just like Firefox, you can set up your browser to automatically restore all tabs from the last Chrome browsing session. It doesn’t always work, which is why I wrote this post, but it’s very good. So if you haven’t already, here’s how to make Chrome remember your tabs (most of the time) for your next visit

How to Save Tabs in Chrome for the Future

3 bars at top right> Settings> On Startup>Continue where you left off.

There you go. Now you can “surf the net.” And do it again tomorrow.






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