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how leadership is determined
how leadership is determined

Jump, how? Rumble? Fight like Mad Men? Or serious Soprano stuff?

I guess I just like brawls with businessmen. And references to packs of wolves.

White collar men have fighting needs, too, you know.

Yeah, this is a typical New Yorker cartoon: Set in a bar, threat of violence, and delusions of grandeur. See how that works, caption writers? :)

Here’s how to buy this or any Business cartoon for powerpoint, advertising, newsletters, blogs, textbooks, gang members, takeovers, etc.

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I love almost all my bird cartoons but this is a winner on several levels. Also, a little magical. From my weekly cartoon feature, Daily Special. Here’s how to get…

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    Marty Murphy, Playboy cartoonist extraordinaire,  my cartoon mentor, and a connoisseur of fine drinks, told me the waiter/server in a bar is called a barkeep. I never heard…

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