What did the crows find in the cornfield?

crows discover something bad in the cornfieldI originally posted this in my Psych Central column, Quick Fix. They’re pretty good sports over there, especially when I called it Brain Issues! (I assume brain issues would be the most serious problems for mental health professionals.)

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Hannibal, but this just seemed like the perfect cartoon to post for casual, gory Friday.

Of course, I’m referencing The Wizard of Oz in this cartoon, and The Scarecrow character, who thinks he doesn’t have a brain, and spends the whole movie wishing for one.

Well, I got a brain for ya right here.

Side note: Former editor of the New Yorker, Bob Mankoff, said that cartoons about death are surprisingly common, and compose about 10% of the submissions! Way to make me feel less special, Bob… But I’ll stay in the cornfield a while, thanks.

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ID #2512743       Caption: Well, I’ll be damned. This one has a brain! (2 crows in a cornfield.)







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