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I learned about the LA County Animal Shelters through Facebook 2 years ago, but the first push to write this was either a chicken or her egg. Or her good friend, the duck. *

hen and duck at baldwin park

hen and duck lost at baldwin park shelter - photo by Elaine Seamans on Facebook

They were found together, wandering near the road (of course – the chicken wanted to cross it), and picked up by Baldwin Park Animal Shelter. Not too far, just east of Pasadena near the 605. The volunteer who took these pix and posted them on Facebook, Elaine Seamans, said they appeared to be bonded. They do look very friendly, as you can see in the video. The chicken has just laid a brown egg (the expensive kind), and is cackling, probably partly in distress, because she knows an egg rolling around on the cement floor of the shelter is bad news. :(

Elaine Seamans discovered the birds, and took the pictures. Thank you so much, Elaine! Here’s the youtube showing the chicken, the duck, and her egg. Jenny Burman, in Chicken Corner at LA Observed has the video up, too!

Please find it in your heart to adopt them, because if they are not claimed by the end of the day on Monday, they will be killed on Tuesday. And they have become so important to me. You can adopt each separately, of course…

And as if you need more incentive, I’ll send whoever adopts them a signed copy of one of my books: What Do Women REALLY Like? Chocolate! or Love Me or Go to Hell: True Love Cartoons.

Baldwin Park Shelter
4275 N. Elton Ave.
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 962-3577  code 3, 4
(626) 430 2378

Here are the ID#s: Duck: #4319821 and Chicken: #4319817. UPDATE: The duck and the chicken are now SAFE, ADOPTED!!! More at bottom of post.

Now, on with the show.

worst pic ever from a shelter - found this one a year ago. (all pix here were found from facebook pages, but taken at LA County Shelters) If this doesn't make you cry, nothing will.

worst pic ever from a shelter - found this one a year ago. (all pix here were found fonfacebook pages, but are taken at LA County Shelters) If this doesn't make you cry, nothing will.

A good third of my Facebook friends are volunteers and rescue groups all around the country, and I’ve noticed for some time that the worst horror stories (and the worst photos) were from the LA County Shelters. They are always labeled High Kill shelters, and there are terrible stories of dogs supposedly adopted, but PTS (put to sleep), dogs freezing to death in the kennels, 75 killed in one day (last Monday), animals killed before the due date, etc.

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A lot of people worry about what I worry about, it turns out: Why do people kill a horse with a broken leg? This is my most popular post on this blog by far, and it was researched and written from the heart.

Just today I found the greatest video of a miniature horse who got an artificial leg. He was born with a malformed leg, so he was probably never able to walk at all, but maybe he hobbled on 3 legs.

From the AP:

Ranch Hand Rescue feared Midnite (or Midnight, depending on how literate they are) would have to be euthanized after the North Texas horse rescue group received the 4-year-old horse from law enforcement officers who had seized him from a neglectful owner.

Size varies greatly among horse breeds, as wit...

Image via Wikipedia - full-size horse and a Mini! So cute!

Was the owner prosecuted? WHY is the owner not mentioned by name? On the video it said that he was in terrible shape. If they hated him so much because his leg was missing, why did they even let him live? If you know who the owner is, PM me, and I will be quite happy to post it.

In any case, the new owners, Ranch Hand Rescue, decided to try, and got a company to make an artificial leg for him. Obviously, full-size horses are different. But still…I’m very hopeful that a company will be able to do the same for regular horses, too, in the near future, and end all these horrible, needless, and endless killings on the racetrack and off.

Such a wonderful ending – well worth the $14,000 it cost to build the prosthetic. Watch the video and see him walk for the first time ever, and you’ll cry, too.

Restaurant critic for the LA Times has been outed! Her feelings about food are no longer secret!

S. Irene Virbila, the L.A. Times’ restaurant critic for the last 16 years, was visiting Red Medicine restaurant in Beverly Hills when the manager took her photo, and ordered her and her 3 companions to leave the restaurant. In Beverly Hills! An LA Times Reporter!

restaurant critic cartoon from daily special

Ellis [from Red Medicine] said he was intentionally trying to take away Virbila’s anonymity because he does not like her reviews: “Our purpose for posting this is so that all restaurants can have a picture of her and make a decision as to whether or not they would like to serve her. We find that some her reviews can be unnecessarily cruel and irrational…”

Kevin Roderick, of LA Observed, responds:

Geez, dude. Just shut up, man up and make your restaurant better. If you’re afraid to have your place independently reviewed, that tells me all I need to know.

I disagree! He has every right to decide who goes to his restaurant and to toss out people who he feels might harm it in any way; restaurant writers are kind of sneaky, aren’t they? On the other hand: he should never have taken her photo. That’s an invasion of privacy, even as Virbila came in under an assumed name: Fred Snow! So this is a nice piece of drama.

Beverly Hills
Image of the ideal Beverly Hills via Wikipedia

I met Irene when I did the restaurant cartoon for the LA Times, called Daily Special ( now running in many other papers).  We agreed to meet for lunch at a restaurant on Sunset – I think it was called Dome. I was so anxious and excited about meeting her that I spent too much time getting ready for my big opportunity, and was 15 minutes late. I was ready to kill myself! Fortunately, she was even later, and so the event continued.

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Los Angeles Skyline in the rain
Image by RodneyRamsey via Flickr

Have you noticed any “moisture flow” in Los Angeles today?

That’s what Fox News is calling this rainstorm that has already lasted 2 days!

Of course, this has all the weather people on the edge of their seat, but it’s not so much. As the LA Times (reluctantly) admits:

No major flooding or mudslides have occurred with the rainstorms hitting Southern California…
In February, a slow-moving rainstorm triggered severe flooding in La Cañada-Flintridge…

Oh, okay, we had to go back 11 months for drama. Yawn.

As a long-time resident here, I thought the weather men and women were exaggerating…so I downplayed the rain here.

Meteorologists helpfully bring up La Nina when LA gets any moisture. And as always, predictions for La Nina and/or El Nino are that we will get a lot more rain, or a lot less rain.

All I’m wondering is, is it okay for me to be a sarcastic weather girl in my news reports? And if I’m wrong about weather predictions, should I apologize, or ignore my mistake, like meteorologists do?!

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