Crows in the courtroom of the cornfield.

crows in cornfield discuss no trespassing sign

Hey, is this sign legal?

Crows are one of my top 3 favorite birds: smart enough to have an actual language with their caws (thanks, Ernest Seton Thomas!), sassy (they love to drop things on your head!),  and delicious to draw.  I love to watch and photograph them.

Still, scarecrows have a job to do, too. Signs like this would put dozens of them out of work.

Actually, a lawyer friend of mine told me that many of the signs you see, such  as We’re not responsible for things you leave in your car, or If you drive the wrong way and we rip your tires open, etc, have no power at all. Anyone can claim they’re not responsible, but that doesn’t mean they’re free and clear just by saying that!

To get back to the cartoon, the real dummies, here, however, are our government – the USDA, who kill over 10,500 crows a year, and “disperse” over 735,000 more. (I’ve called them in Washington, but never got a satisfactory answer on how or what dispersal is.) The friendly USDA actually kills over 3.4 million wild animals a year, supposedly to protect crops. I guess farmers are the favored child in the US.

Crows, you are always welcome in my neighborhood…and in my cartoons.

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ID #200cbe     Cartoon caption:  Sign in cornfield reads: All crows will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Two crows discuss it: “Personally, I found the scarecrow more compelling.” 

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