Restaurant Cartoons

header restaurant cartoonsGood choice! Restaurant cartoons are my most popular category! (With law cartoons a close second.)

coffee man

My cartoon feature on restaurants, Daily Special (samples here),has been appearing in major and alternative papers for over 12 years, like The Los Angeles Times, Pasadena Weekly, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Salt Lake Tribune, Philadelphia Daily News, Nashville Scene, and many more. We have to eat, right?

This is a cartoon that works hard for you, as more and more people get out of the kitchen. It’s a distinctive black & white image that really lights up any restaurant review, and is a lot more eye-catching than a dark photo of empty tables in some establishment. It’s flexible, too, and appears in either the Food section, the Dining section, or Entertainment.

It’s about eating out in general, no named restaurants, and there’s never anything bad in the food, (!) so eating establishments themselves are fond of it, too. You can see some samples in the Restaurant Category in the sidebar.

chef with knife

I send 4 or 5 cartoons once a month, by ftp or email, hi-res. Pricing is very reasonable – probably just what you are paying other freelancers – and billing is easy as well.

Just drop me a line below or email me at Donna Barstow at g mail . com (squish together). I’d love to do some great work for you.

Contact me now to see more cartoons in a convenient PDF, or ask me more.