Girl Talk Cartoons

Girl Talk Cartoons

Nothing is as popular in my Psychology Today blog as my relationship cartoons! (Secret fact: sex and love are hot topics in Psych Today!) My Barnes & Noble calendar and books are all aimed towards women, with an occasional man caught in the crossfire. And, unbelievably, nobody else is doing a cartoon for women in the newspapers now, especially for single women. This one’s for you, Girlfriends.

woman in love with...?
woman in love with…?

This single panel cartoon is for all ages, from girls to elder, although it’s pitched generally at 20s to 40s. We all talk, do we not? (And it’s time to offer a cartoon that young girls would enjoy, too, about things that interest them.)

Unlike cartoons in women’s magazines and papers (95% of which are done by men “of a certain age”) there isn’t always a man in the picture here, nor a family. 43% of the country is single now, and 51% of women are, as well. Join the in crowd!

Did you know there really is a Miss Barstow’s Finishing School for Girls? This cartoon isn’t that. Girl Talk topics include pop culture, the superficial, the emotional, obsessions, beauty, and a great deal of food.

I send the cartoons once a month, by ftp or email, hi-res, so the editor may use them whenever and wherever she wants. Pricing is very reasonable – probably just what you are paying other freelancers – and billing is easy as well.

Samples of girl talk cartoons are here. Wouldn’t your distaff half of your readers enjoy this, too? Sign up now to see more or order immediately.