California Editorial Cartoons

California (state) news is hard to come by, even though we’re the 2nd biggest state in size, and the biggest in population. Even harder to find are the cartoonists who live here and can report what is happening in an entertaining way. I love having the whole field to myself. :)

My cartoons are usually fiscally conservative, and not favorable towards public unions. I’m not as harsh as some cartoonists, as I think a little humor gets more attention and is remembered longer.

california water barons

I do national political cartoons as well, but California is funnier! Nearly every week I find some new bill or shenanigans or political jiggling that I find so outrageous that it makes me LOL. I also like to do natural or green subjects sometimes, too. Have a look at the cartoons, and see what you think. You can also see more political cartoons in my Op-Ed blog.

I send a color and a b/w cartoon out each week, high res, and ready for printing or reproducing. I’m always happy to talk about pricing, so please drop me a line below or let me know when you would like to talk so we could move forward.

I do cartoons each week for CalWatchdog and also for Daily News, Slate, Yahoo! News, Newsweek, Time, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, etc. Won’t you join us?

Contact me or you can also email me at donna barstow @ gmail. com. Take out the spaces.