Weekly Cartoons

Most of my cartoons are still just general New Yorker nonsense, and can’t easily be put into categories. That being said, cartoonists have subjects they specialize in or keep coming back to, even when they don’t recognize it themselves at first!

Law cartoons

My favorite topics are in the categories in the sidebar: Animal cartoons, business cartoons, TV cartoons, etc. And three of these topics– Restaurant Cartoons, California Cartoons, and Girl Talk Cartoons — are so popular I do them weekly, for papers & venues all over the country. I send them once a month, by ftp or email, hi-res, so the editor may use them whenever and wherever she wants. Pricing is very reasonable – probably just what you are paying other freelancers – and billing is easy as well.

There’s always room on a page for a reliable weekly cartoon to please your readers, and no one else is doing cartoons in these popular areas now.

Restaurant Cartoons

header restaurant cartoonsMy cartoon feature on restaurants, Daily Special, has been appearing in major and alternative papers for over 12 years, like the Los Angeles Times, Nashville Scene and many many more. Everyone has to eat, right? And nowadays it’s usually eating out!

It’s very flexible, and appears in either the Food section, the Dining section, or Entertainment. It’s about dining out in general, not specific restaurants, and there’s never anything bad in the food, (!) so eating establishments themselves rave about it, too. Samples and more details on ordering the cartoon are here.

California Editorial Cartoons


political speech
political speech

California (state) news is hard to come by, even though we’re the 2nd biggest state in size, and the biggest in population. Even harder to find are the cartoonists who live here and can report what is happening in an entertaining way. I love having the whole field to myself. :) Details and samples here.

Girl Talk Cartoons


Nothing is as popular in my PsychCentral Quick Fix blog and my Psychology Today Ink Blots blog as my relationship cartoons! (Secret fact: sex and love are hot topics everywhere, not just in psychology and mental health!) My Barnes & Noble calendar and my books are all aimed towards women, with an occasional man caught in the crossfire. And, unbelievably, nobody else is doing a cartoon for women in the newspapers now, especially for single women. This one’s for you, Girlfriends. Details and samples here.