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waiter in restaurant plays the shell game on the tableDoes everyone love games as much as I do? I have a vivid memory of me at age 5, and an older boy playing the shell game with us younger kiddies. I was totally fascinated – and probably would have been more so, if I had known it was illegal. :)

I think he used coins under the cup, though. I didn’t know until just now that it’s also called the cups and balls game in some areas. It was the only magic trick that ever interested me.

Why don’t waiters and wait staff have any sense of drama or fun like this? A meal that is both delicious and mentally challenging – now for that, I’d give 4 stars.

This cartoon is part of my ongoing newspaper (and digital) food and restaurant feature, Daily Special, serving up fun and pleasing restaurants everywhere.This is a favorite cartoon in there. Funny cat video after the jump!

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