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Of course, this chef is watching Saturday morning cartoons. The kind you have to get up early to see. Where animals run into walls and come out alive, and all…

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Restaurant Cartoons

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tv reporting is too slow
twitter for fast-breaking news!

Here’s where you can find breaking news, and bad journalism, before anyone else nowadays:

  1. Twitter (especially good info about dead people)
  2. Facebook (Most news on Facebook is usually wrong, dubious sources, or several years old, however. :) But it’s fast. :)
  3. Radio (if they have s separate news team. Otherwise, just amusing gossip)
  4. Actual newspaper sites or the AP (often the first version of a news report is partly wrong, but what are you going to do, right?)
  5. Huffington Post (PuffPo) — (Not an actual news source, but a content farm that is quicker to steal than any other site.) Read More Best sources for real news.

TV Cartoons

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Yeah, I know this phone is a little old, but lots of businesses still use obsolete equipment. And you should see how I draw TVs– the older the better, yum.…

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California Editorial

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