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NOTE: I changed the caption. Yes, that’s allowed. New caption is at bottom of post. Option is a word I hear a lot in my Scriptwriters Network seminars. No one…

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teacher fish teaches fish school cogito ergo sum

Actually, I think I used the wrong word in this caption. The name of the class for this school of fish should be called Philosophy, not Logic, as  the theorem, I think, therefore I am is by a philosopher, not a logician!  (I took both subjects, but apparently not enough of either.)

Some cartoon ideas just resonate with a cartoonist more than others, and they keep working at it with different captions, trying to get it “right”! This is one of mine.

  • I think, therefore I am
  • Cogito ergo sum
  • je pense, donc je suis

Rene Descartes wrote this theorem in French rather than Latin to reach a wider audience in his country than just scholars.

He forgot text-talk.

My latest cartoon in PsychCentral is about the lady or the tiger. (If you’ve heard of Descartes, you probably already read the short story.} Read More How to teach philosophy in swim meets.

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young boy begs for money for college tuition
They start pandering at a very young age.

I don’t know why I posted two cartoons of children in a row — they’re really not my favorite people. But I like this one – it’s like a Kickstarter campaign held in person, isn’t it?

Would be great to add to educational journals, business publications, textbooks, and general. Educators and teachers have the self-confidence to laugh at themselves. Read More How kids make money now.

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