woman catches date peeking under the table

Peeping Tom Cartoon

I used this cartoon in my first column for PsychCentral, calling it Sometimes It’s Okay to Look. I’ve been in PsychCentral for 4 years now, yay! Psych Central...


new cartoon up in PsychCentral. Yeah, it’s about cavemen. Next up: something on a desert island, or the desert crawler.


Cartoon up on PsychCentral about food choices, what one food you should definitely eat more of, and how it shows what we think we deserve.


I talk about changes with my cartoon at PsychCentral. Also, new cartoon up there taking place at a pet store.


Couple new cartoons out in the public lands: A breezy sleeveless cartoon about something new and A cartoon about something your therapist might tell you.


Good self-esteem, or the start of a serial killer? New cartoon in Psych Central.

weekend stuff

I’ve been obsessing about the Tsarnaev bombers, and how very wrong the info was, apparently, all supplied by the Boston PD. Lots of questions. Meanwhile,...