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newscaster complains about bad news

Had a syndicated cartoon about television forĀ  5 years, and have also sold to Emmy Magazine. I don’t watch that much TV, honestly! – but the TV I do watch I just love, and I almost always go over to TWOP to see what others think of it. (They usually agree with me, making me feel quite wise, and if they don’t…that’s why my keyboard has a backspace key.)

I discovered Television Without Pity after the first episode of Lost, which affected me so profoundly that I needed to connect with others, right away, to see if I was nuts to be this excited about television. For me, that’s when TV turned from good, to great. After Lost it was Prison Break, then Reaper, with a few others.

I am absolutely devastated today to discover that NBCUniversal is now dumping TV Without Pity – all the seasons, all the shows, the recaps, thousands or hundreds of thousands of perspicacious comments thrown into the trash. No archives.

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