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bad results from bad drugs

I rarely take (or need) any medicine at all, but I favor generics in theory.

And as a working cartoonist, I’ve seen many many drug ads in magazines. The magazines were for a medical audience, mostly doctors, who are huge fans of cartoons…and possibly of new drugs.  The pharmaceutical ads are some of the most innovative, fun ones I’ve seen: the page ad is coated with sandpaper, or gritty, or like sugar, or reflective or pop-out or fold-out, and I think there was a small sand timer in some. Big $ spent to produce and print those.

And of course we’ve all seen fancy  medical relief ads on TV.

Still, I think the lay audience is more attracted towards saving  money and buying generics. Although I heartily agree with the premise of buying cheap, I still liked this idea in the cartoon: this is what happens with OTC (over the counter) drugs: Scary Hacking Man.


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Doctor looks at x-ray and tells patient that his boss hasn’t emasculated him…yet
Doctor looks at x-ray and tells patient that his boss hasn’t emasculated him…yet

How a doctor decides if you’re a real man…Some men need to be told they are still masculine. Women need to know they’re feminine.

And we all need reassurance that we’re okay, especially when we get home from work. A Time Out is in order. And a doctor’s reassurance works.

Here’s how to buy this or any Business cartoon for powerpoint, advertising, newsletters, blogs, textbooks, x-ray technicians, radiologists, medical personnel, bad bosses, etc.

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Homemade chicken soup is out of this world, but I rarely get to have it! I made it a couple of times, and it was amazing. On the other hand,…

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