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pastels in the boardroom!
pastels in the boardroom!

How Stephen King has changed sales, PR, and marketing.

Obviously,¬† this is a reference to the great Stephen King movie, The Green Mile. Just saying the title makes me want to watch it again! It’s about Death Row at a certain southern prison, and the fascinating things that happen there one year. The kindness of the prison guards is actually one of the most shocking parts.

Btw, I did this cartoon¬† before the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce did their “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” slogan. Copycats.

But in real life, I think marketing people can’t keep a secret. They explain everything, in detail. Isn’t Scott Adams’ Dilbert always poking them for that?

You may wonder if I’ve done other cartoons with this wonderful, powerful quotation. The answer would be yes.

My latest cartoon at PsychCentral: Do you wonder what very personal things people might be saying about you?

And I also have a cartoon about what one thing women are looking for in a new bf (and a bad review about cookies!) in my dessert blog.


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astronomers discuss radio wave communications in outer spaceI did a couple different versions of this. I mean, who doesn’t like to do alien cartoons? And messages from outer space? This might be my favorite.

No, I don’t read People. No, I don’t like people. But I do like aliens. Go below the fold to read about our local astronomy highlight: The Griffith Observatory. I can just barely see it if if I crane out my window.

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Of course, this chef is watching Saturday morning cartoons. The kind you have to get up early to see. Where animals run into walls and come out alive, and all…

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tv reporting is too slow
twitter for fast-breaking news!

Here’s where you can find breaking news, and bad journalism, before anyone else nowadays:

  1. Twitter (especially good info about dead people)
  2. Facebook (Most news on Facebook is usually wrong, dubious sources, or several years old, however. :) But it’s fast. :)
  3. Radio (if they have s separate news team. Otherwise, just amusing gossip)
  4. Actual newspaper sites or the AP (often the first version of a news report is partly wrong, but what are you going to do, right?)
  5. Huffington Post (PuffPo) — (Not an actual news source, but a content farm that is quicker to steal than any other site.)

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Birds, The

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