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bad results from bad drugs

I rarely take (or need) any medicine at all, but I favor generics in theory.

And as a working cartoonist, I’ve seen many many drug ads in magazines. The magazines were for a medical audience, mostly doctors, who are huge fans of cartoons…and possibly of new drugs.  The pharmaceutical ads are some of the most innovative, fun ones I’ve seen: the page ad is coated with sandpaper, or gritty, or like sugar, or reflective or pop-out or fold-out, and I think there was a small sand timer in some. Big $ spent to produce and print those.

And of course we’ve all seen fancy  medical relief ads on TV.

Still, I think the lay audience is more attracted towards saving  money and buying generics. Although I heartily agree with the premise of buying cheap, I still liked this idea in the cartoon: this is what happens with OTC (over the counter) drugs: Scary Hacking Man.


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mother complains child watches too much tv
What does “too much TV” mean?

I haven’t a clue.

Just kidding! I love love love TV. Step away from my TV, and you won’t get hurt.

I really could care less what kids do when they’re safely locked up at home, but I Googled how much TV the kiddies actually watch now. Here you go: how much TV kids watch:

According to TV ratings company Nielsen, kids in 2012, age 2 to 11, watched an average of 24 hours of TV a week. That’s an average of three and a half hours a day.

TV Cartoons

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