Cartoon about a neurological book.

oliver sacks cartoon about a cat
oliver sacks cartoon about a cat on your head


Some might think this cartoon is a reference to any book by Dr. Suess, but most especially The Cat in the Hat. Did I just get the title wrong? However, this is really a takeoff on a New York Times bestseller by a neurologist, Dr. Oliver Sacks, called The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat.

I feel sorry for the man in this non-fiction book, which I read, and enjoyed for the most part, but my man here is funnier, IMHO.

This is a typically obscure New Yorker cartoon, especially for the crumbly wash, not to mention their obsession with cats, (Hi, Sam Gross,) but I like it anyway. ;)

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ID #3834bf      Caption: The Man Who Mistook His Cat for a Hat. (man is wearing a cat as a hat on a cold day)

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