Buying a house at the shore?

man wants to live in his sand castle
Real estate in the beach community

Lotsa talk about real estate and housing in SoCal (Southern California). Real real estate hijinks. Beach house bingo.

I rather love real estate chatter. When the LA Times actually had a Real Estate Section — a few years ago, now — it was my favorite section, full of columns like Pardon Our Dust (renovations), how to present your house to get a good price, lending terms (never bothered to read that, since…it didn’t seem I qualified), analysis of different neighborhoods in and around Los Angeles (so I wouldn’t have to drive there) etc.

Of course, now that a house flipper and feeble redeveloped is doing renovations in the house across the street, breaking city code as they go, I hate their guts.

Also, I mostly understand equity, but not loans.

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And, PS. Of course, they were talking about moving to Santa Barbara or Oregon. Most people in LA think Oregon is the coolest.

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ID #3118MH      Caption, which is a little hard to read on this one: (at the beach, one guy talking to another, with a big sand castle behind him) We thought about moving, but we have equity in our sandcastle now.

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