Astronomy cartoon.

astronomers discuss radio wave communications in outer spaceI did a couple different versions of this. I mean, who doesn’t like to do alien cartoons? And messages from outer space? This might be my favorite.

No, I don’t read People. No, I don’t like people. But I do like aliens. Go below the fold to read about our local astronomy highlight: The Griffith Observatory. I can just barely see it if if I crane out my window.

Los Angeles is very lucky to have the Griffith Observatory in easy access – just a few blocks from our equally fascinating Hollywood stars! The Observatory is located in Griffith Park, and I can just see the Observatory if I crane my head out the window a bit.

Parking and the main building is free, and in Los Angeles, that means tons of crowds, and attracts the type people who expect free. They had problems with gangs for a while, but haven’t heard that recently; it’s more extended families who camp out there for the whole evening and take up all the parking. Sigh.

Anyway, it’s a great place, and I wish I had the courage to go more often. I love trying to figure out constellations, which planets are in the sky, and all the other cool science they show.

I was lucky,  because the Griffith Park Neighborhood Council (which I was a member of at the time) met one time in the Observatory  and Planetarium building – on a Monday, when it’s closed, so there were far less freeloaders,  and I was so very pleased. Coming out of the meeting, I could not believe the hall of vintage jewelry I stumbled into. I thought it was heaven.

vintage jewelry exhibit at Griffith Observatory

The most beautiful collection in the world, if you like very old figural jewelry, all stars, and moons, and things you find in the sky, as I do. There were 165 feet of pins, earrings, necklaces, etc! I would kill to own some of them.

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ID # f2677hh   Caption: Astronomers in observatory interpret radio waves from a star: We were going over those radio waves, from star 54527, and they’d like the latest issue of “People”.

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