Feral cats discuss fish cartoon.

2 feral cats discuss types of fish

From my weekly cartoon feature, Daily Special. Daily Special started in the Los Angeles Times several years ago, and then expanded to reach many newspapers across the country: Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Salt Lake Tribune, Philadelphia Daily News, Nashville Scene, Dayton City Paper.

I LOVE going to restaurants, but what really inspired me to do cartoons on food was the former Los Angeles Times restaurant critic, Ruth Reichl. She wrote about food with such a sense of adventure, and even humor, that it got me thinking about food as a lifetime experience…like some think about travel or jewelry (but don’t get me wrong, love a good bauble.)

She went on to become the (last) editor of Gourmet, a writer for the NY Times and the author of a passel of books, including The Gourmet Cookbook: More Than 1000 RecipesNot Becoming My Mother: and Other Things She Taught Me Along the Way, and her latest, My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life, which I really want to read!

Here’s how to get new restaurant cartoons delivered to you each week! And how to buy restaurant and food cartoons for restaurant newsletters, websites, hospitality magazines, and restaurant trade journals.

I actually ate at a high-end restaurant where this sentence was said, although not by a cat.

This is a good place to buy a cartoon!

ID#121821      Caption: “I guess blackened red snapper is out and Chilean bass is in.” Two cats in alley discuss fish on the menu.



Donna Barstow

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  1. Hi Donnabarstow,
    Thanks you for your post, A feral cat what I’ve been caring for recently suddenly attacked me when I tried to separate it from my brother’s other cat. The feral cat has always been very nice to me but for that split second apparently forgot I was a friend and took out it’s anger on my left hand (causing four serious puncture wounds which bled a lot) and required a visit to Urgent Care, a Tetanus shot and 10 days worth of double antibiotics (3 times day, which is 30 pills in total).

    I discussed my concern about rabies infection with the doctor, but he said that rabies in cats are “exceedingly rare.” The nurse said that the Tetnus shot would “cover all the bases.”

    The wounds are four fairly deep puncture wounds on my left hand (no veins appeared to have been cut, but the hand is very swollen and sore and took a few hours to fully coagulate).

    What infections should I be worried about specific to feral cat bites, and should I keep the hand bandaged or leave it open to the air — while cleaning it daily?
    Keep up the good work

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