Chicken soup cartoon.

doctor tells patient to try chicken soup

Homemade chicken soup is out of this world, but I rarely get to have it! I made it a couple of times, and it was amazing.

On the other hand, Chicken Soup books… not so much. I’m in quite a few of them on various topics, but I’m not fond of their business plan. They used to pay competitively and fairly, but now they are way below market price. Too bad, it was fun to think up cartoons for their various subjects.

From my weekly cartoon feature, Daily Special. Here’s how to get new restaurant cartoons delivered to you each week! And how to buy restaurant and food cartoons for restaurant newsletters, websites, hospitality magazines, and restaurant trade journals.

ID #2512743       Caption: Well, I can’t help you, but I’m giving you the name of a diner with the best chicken soup… (Doctor tells patient he can’t cure her illness or cold, but maybe chicken soup can.)

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