Uncommon Problem on a First Date.

man won't eat foods if they touchThis was a very popular cartoon in my Psychology Today blog! I do love doing cartoons about relationships, and when there’s food involved, even better…

In my PsychCentral column I called it How Not to Sabotage a First Date. Obviously, the man’s request “touches” on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.) I had a good friend with this, and I found it rather endearing – or at least funny, when she would recheck locked doors or check the spigots.

But I think OCD can be rather common, or even common sense, don’t you? Just yesterday my neighbor asked me to check to see if her door was locked, even though she had just done it a few minutes ago. (It was locked.) Do you think that’s normal?

Brita Borg and Povel Ramel 1958, Sweden, from Wiki
Brita Borg and Povel Ramel 1958, Sweden, from Wiki

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ID #1922703        Caption: (man on date tells waitress server he wants food served in a peculiar way, while his date considers a trip to the Ladies Room and never coming back) WHEN A FIRST DATE MIGHT BE A LAST DATE. Don’t let the foods touch each other.

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