Peeping Tom Cartoon

woman catches date peeking under the tableI used this cartoon in my first column for PsychCentral, calling it Sometimes It’s Okay to Look.

I’ve been in PsychCentral for 4 years now, yay! Psych Central has really been great, a place to write about and explore interesting subjects in a way that I, at least, find funny. :) No judgement.

As I explain in that column, curiosity really is a trait I value in others. My girlfriend and I used to list it as top in our list of what we wanted in a man, even above that old chestnut, “a sense of humor.”

Perhaps you are wondering, what about a real peeping tom? Ah yes, there was one, but that’s a story for another post.

And btw, what’s the first quality you look for in a man?

Here’s how to buy this or any Girl Talk cartoon for powerpoint, law journals, newsletters, books, etc.

ID # n274       Caption: Date to man peeking under the table: You’re curious, aren’t you, John? I like that in a man.

Donna Barstow

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