Hyperactive in Hollywood? That’s crazy talk!

I was fortunate enough to have a great gig in the Los Angeles Times for a year, in their Sunday Magazine, West. (West only lasted a year, not my fault.) I could do cartoons about anything at all, so long as it hewed LA.  And my editors had a great sense of humor, so they got them, too.

adhd in actorsThis was a couple of years before my column in Psychology Today, Ink Blots, so you can see that I’ve always been interested in analyzing people! I have only the lay person’s ideas of certain mental health issues, but I think I got this one right.

I’ve both worked in the studios, and know entertainers professionally, so that’s where this idea came from. And everyone in front of the camera goes to the gym. I love these crazy kids!

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ID #n3721n        Caption: But as it turns out, LA is the perfect place to have ADD! (2 friends on the stairstepper in the gym)

Originally published in Psych Central. 

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