Movie development cartoon.

college campus fantasy
college campus fantasy of being discovered by Hollywood!

NOTE: I changed the caption. Yes, that’s allowed. New caption is at bottom of post.

Option is a word I hear a lot in my Scriptwriters Network seminars. No one knows the typical amount “they” pay to option a script, but it must be a lot, right? I’ve heard $1000 to $10,000 to buy from a newbie.

Of course, now that the whole world knows everything about movie-making (thanks, paparazzi, TMZ and gossip rags!) I assume everyone’s thinking about this the moment they type Fade In.

Then there’s the part that It Could Happen to You…because studios buy such schlock, surely they wouldn’t overlook something good, like a test paper or research paper? Or your very own script?

I don’t know but there sure are a lot of C movies out there. And I have the good luck to always be finding them.

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ID # 2400las     Caption should read: College students: “I only got a C in my chemistry exam, but the film department wants to option it.”

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