How not to feed a cat.

man is afraid of feeding a kitten
wife tells husband to get a backbone and not to be afraid of kitty cats


There’s been a meme for decades that female cartoonists only like to do cat cartoons. I wonder which male editor started this? :) Obviously, one who wasn’t buying cartoons from women, and wanted a fluffy excuse!

I know of one woman who specializes in cat cartoons: Stephanie Piro. I have her linked on the sidebar, not because of her cats, but because she’s an excellent cartoonist all-around.

The New Yorker has used the same cartoonists for decades (with only 4? 5? women cartoonists regularly), and they love cat cartoons. The most famous cat cartoonist is S. Gross, Sam Gross, who has put out cat book collections and calendar collections, for, well, decades.

(Secret fun fact: one calendar company just reissues the exact same cat calendar every year! Guess cat owners have a short memory.)

This cartoon is not in any collection. Only you, dear readers, can decide if it should be.

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ID #a224z        Caption: Wimpy husband to wife, while wearing lion taming outfit: What do you mean, I overdramatize? I have to feed the kitty, don’t I?

Forgot to add that my cartoon this week in PsychCentral is about going to hell. I also have some cartoons in Wall Street Journal recently, but they change them each week – no archive -, so I forget to look to see what days they come out. You can find the cartoons in the Opinion page online.



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