Man orders coffee with extras.

man orders sugar water for his hummingbird
man orders sugar water for his hummingbird


It helps to understand this cartoon if you know that hummingbirds survive on nectar, and sugar water is what you put out in bird feeders for them. If you had a hummingbird as a best friend, you’d do this, too. (I have a hummingbird feeder, but they look like imitation flowers, and I’m not sure how to hang it.)

I’ve seen hummingbirds at feeders, and they are great fun to watch – very territorial. One of the smartest birds, believe it or not. One followed me home from my favorite lookout site, and showed up the next day at my kitchen window!

Re the coffee order, I think it’s only in Starbucks that customers order grande anything, and certainly the only coffee shop where people speak French-English.

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ID #2928aj       Caption: A grande decaf mocha for moi, and a sugar water for my little friend, please. (man orders specialty drink at coffee shop, and sugar water for his hummingbird)

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