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Curious about this Silver Lake runner and Griffith Park ranter?

Press and endorsements on me in print and in radio (including KFI, John & Ken!), by top editors.


  • Actually, We Bring You Art Every Single Week, LA Times Magazine — Rick Wartzman, Editor
    Before you soak in the stunning imagery in this special issue of West, please turn back to page 5, if you missed it. That’s where one of my favorite pieces of art resides. I am referring to Donna Barstow’s cartoon…
  • I started working with Donna after many phone discussions about the nature of editorial cartoons, and the flexibility of the genre. There was an opportunity to try something different, and we embarked on it together. Her work is unique in both style and viewpoint. Her work ethic is unmatched as she strives to create cartoons that are relevant, unusual, and very pointed (and often quite hilarious) — Shena Wolf, EditorĀ  Universal Press Syndicate

More of these embarrassing, yet so true recommendations.

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