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It’s all about Griffith Park, baby! Let’s keep it wild and safe. And let’s keep Silver Lake birds and animals alive, and the water clean.

I’ll bring up all the things that annoy me, and what I’m doing to change them. Your comments and opinions are welcome. (Assuming you’re not one of the annoying ones.) (Just kidding.) (I hope.)

Criticism and disagreements are all part of blogging. I’m okay with it, unless you get all personal, like tell me to lose weight, or something.


All photos, drawings and articles are protected by the DMCA, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, which is pretty darn powerful and punitive. Please contact me for permissions and/or licensing. Copyright is poetry.

If you came here looking for the beautiful horse photo, stay cool. Starting in January of this year, 2013, Google started to steal all images from all bloggers, as well as taking our bandwidth. (They only host thumbnails, not the actual large images, so they hotlink: use our hosts, they we pay for, to store the photos.)

I added a card blocking part of the photo, with info on how to come to this site directly, and because Firefox has a very strong cache, it will look like that protection image is still covering the other photo.

It isn’t. Just keep refreshing the page, or look around at some other page, or clear your cache, or just wait a minute, and you can see the entire photo clearly. Thanks.

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