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About Me


I do cartoons for New Yorker and Parade.  My political and editorial cartoons for LA Daily News, Newsweek, USA Today, etc, are in my other blog,  The Opposite of Wrong. I’m in the LA Press Club, and I also fix scripts.

You can also find my cartoons in over 100 other magazines and papers. (Harvard Business Review, Barron’s, Glamour, etc.) Looky at how Pasadena Weekly describes me. (towards the bottom.) The beautiful Jill Stewart pimps me in the LA Weekly. I get to be off-center in my cartoons for Psychology Today. I’m a proud member of the Finer Things Club.

Love Me or Go to Hell book

What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate.

My two newest books are What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate! and Love Me or Go To Hell: True Love Cartoons. One is a book about sweets, and one is for your sweetie. If you want to have me sign them, go here.

All opinions here are mine. I’m a volunteer member of a Greater Griffith Park Council,  called the Parks, Rivers and Open Space Committee (PROS). We do good things.

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