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I’ve been hearing John & Ken talk for over a week on KFI about this poor man who was being kept in a Mexican jail because he was trying to move a gun across the border. Jon Hammer, a former Marine, had already been held in jail since August, and now his mother, Olivia Hammer, was all over the media, calling for his release.

immaculate antbird, from wiki

My ears pricked up when I heard them say that the gun was an antique, not really usable, and could only be used against small birds. Hmm, why say that unless he was planning to kill these vicious small birds?





Ex-Marine Jon Hammar headed south with fellow veteran Ian McDonough on what was supposed to be a few months of surfing and camping in a Winnebago in Costa Rica…

Hammar, however, had packed his great grandfather’s shotgun, a .410 Sears and Roebuck model nearly 100 years old.  Hammar had hoped to hunt small birds with it while living in Costa Rica, Olivia said.

Say what? Is that what Marines do when they’re on leave or discharged, go shoot tiny birds for fun?


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The two had recently finished a treatment program for post-traumatic stress disorder, which Hammar suffered after fighting in Fallujah, Afghanistan, according to his mother, Olivia.

Oh, it sounds like killing  is the new avant-garde way to treat PSD in rehab now. Just keep on killin’. Btw, I’m against gun control, but are these really men you want to be armed at this point in their lives?

Costa Rica is a hotbed of rare birds, bats and mammals. It’s one of the last rainforests. How are people even allowed to go down there to kill anything? There are almost 900 species of birds in Costa Rica, more than in the US and Canada combined, so maybe old Jon felt he needed the challenge. Of killing small birds.

According to Lonely Planet:

The number-one threat to most of Costa Rica’s endangered species is habitat destruction, followed closely by hunting and trapping.

Here’s what I wrote on Facebook about this ex-Marine:

I don’t think any innocent American should be in a Mexico jail, like Jon Hammer is. But I have little sympathy for this loser. He was planning to SHOOT SMALL BIRDS in Costa Rica, one of the last rainforests. Is that what Marines do on their time off?  Total dumbf*ck.

There’s still a mystery about why Olivia Hammer waited 3 months to complain about her son stuck in a Mexican prison. Does anyone remember Midnight Express? Would you wait that long to help free your son? I wonder if there’s more to the story.

He’s about to be released soon, they said on the news tonight. Little birds everywhere, there will soon be a serial killer on the loose again.

7 Responses to “Jon Hammer, would-be Killer of Small Birds.”

  1. Rick says:

    You really need to go get your tree hug in today……..!

  2. Lisa says:

    Well said, Donna. You’re awesome! Thank you for speaking up for the innocent animals.

  3. david says:

    the guy probably acted like a jerk to the cops. still ridiculous though. who travels through central america with an antique shotgun?

  4. B.J.Woodward says:

    What a load of snide nonsense. Costa Rica has hunting regulations like most other places.

  5. Katie says:

    You are actually retarded. He went to surf you moron.

  6. Isn’t it hard to balance on a surfboard while holding a shotgun?

  7. Wouldn’t your gun get rusty on the surfboard? :)