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A lot of people worry about what I worry about, it turns out: Why do people kill a horse with a broken leg? This is my most popular post on this blog by far, and it was researched and written from the heart.

Just today I found the greatest video of a miniature horse who got an artificial leg. He was born with a malformed leg, so he was probably never able to walk at all, but maybe he hobbled on 3 legs.

From the AP:

Ranch Hand Rescue feared Midnite (or Midnight, depending on how literate they are) would have to be euthanized after the North Texas horse rescue group received the 4-year-old horse from law enforcement officers who had seized him from a neglectful owner.

Size varies greatly among horse breeds, as wit...

Image via Wikipedia - full-size horse and a Mini! So cute!

Was the owner prosecuted? WHY is the owner not mentioned by name? On the video it said that he was in terrible shape. If they hated him so much because his leg was missing, why did they even let him live? If you know who the owner is, PM me, and I will be quite happy to post it.

In any case, the new owners, Ranch Hand Rescue, decided to try, and got a company to make an artificial leg for him. Obviously, full-size horses are different. But still…I’m very hopeful that a company will be able to do the same for regular horses, too, in the near future, and end all these horrible, needless, and endless killings on the racetrack and off.

Such a wonderful ending – well worth the $14,000 it cost to build the prosthetic. Watch the video and see him walk for the first time ever, and you’ll cry, too.

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