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I wish I knew baseball better, because I’d put it in baseball terms. And I do know the Phillies won! My father is happy.


Photo ¬©Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times. This is so wrong I had to reprint it here. Composite city, whoever you are, you don’t do it for me.

Since I didn’t go to the Cultural Historic Affairs Commission meeting, I will quote someone who did, Bernadette Soter, Chair of Parks, River and Opens Space Committee (PROS).

Hooray! This morning, by a vote of 3 to 1 (Barren, Louie and Scott in
favor; Dake opposed), the Cultural Heritage Commission resolved in
favor of recommending to City Council that it designate all of
Griffith Park as an L.A. Historic Cultural Monument.

The next stop is the Planning and Land Use Management Committee
(PLUM) which is composed of Councilmembers Reyes, Huizar and Weiss.
If it clears PLUM the nomination then go to the full City Council for
a vote. Mention was made that this could be a two-month process, but
no dates or details are available as yet.

More than 100 people from all over the City  were in the hearing room
and at least 14 of them were PROS Committee members (wow!).

Credit goes to everyone who attended meetings and events on behalf
the nomination, sent letters and helped raised public consciousness
in countless ways. Let’s continue to work together to achieve this
important honor and distinction for Griffith Park.

Yes, big thanks to everyone who showed up and those who took the time to call or register with the online petition, and, yes, even write about these issues!

(Say, I wonder if LaBonge showed up this time…And what the HELL was Dake thinking???)

LA Now talks about it here. But now that Veronique got laid off there, I don’t have the same feelings towards it. Love is a two way street, LA Now.

2 Responses to “One win, two more to go!”

  1. Pet F. says:

    Hear that sound? Kind of like “chopping”?

    That’s LaBonge cutting chunks out of the Cultural Heritage Commission’s learned and studied recommendation keeping the park whole. He already held a secret meeting in which he told every City GM that their departments had better oppose this application. A lot of departments ratted him out afterward. The idea of an additional layer of transparency makes him crazy.

    This goes to PLUM next — Huizar, Weiss, Reyes. Huizar has already rolled over on the Autry so you can bet this will be the first cut. Weiss’s constituents tried to recall him for being in the pocket of every developer in town. Reyes is outnumbered, no matter what he wants.

    Unless the public gets after these guys and LaBonge, you can say “bye bye” to Griffith Park remaining whole.

  2. Thanks for this, Pet F. I certainly don’t know these other Council people very well. I’ll follow up on it.