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I feel funny writing about myself here — and asking for help. Griffith Park Blog (formerly Griffith Park, Interrupted, started and named right after the devastating Griffith Park fire) was started out of my volunteer work for the Neighborhood Council for Griffith Park, and my newfound understanding of what needed to be done and fixed, to make the park better for everyone — and especially the wildlife and fauna.

After the fire, I started to run around Silver Lake and Ivanhoe Reservoirs, and became aware of the beauty and problems there, as well, so I started to write about that area, too. Yes, I’m just a hopeful fix-it gal!






















I live in between Silver Lake and Griffith Park, on the borderline separating Silver Lake and Los Feliz, and have been privileged to live with a very special little bird, a parakeet named Cupcake. He escaped a couple of weeks ago, to my great horror. Yes, his wings were clipped – very short (meaning the outer feathers were clipped – they will grow back, however.) He was a homebody, like most parakeets, preferring the comforts of his cage, and his toys, and the fun he had with my other bird, a canary.

Cupcake is the smartest, sweetest, most beautiful bird I’ve ever had. It breaks my heart to describe him now. I was always going to make an album on Facebook just for him, to share him, show how adorable and playful he was, and how much I loved him. Little lesson learned: share the good things, don’t wait.

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This is a story about an old house, a Haunted House, haunted by inept city departments and sneaky flippers: 2980 Waverly Drive. Beware, Los Angeles, for developers are  amongst you. I had to dig deep into the murky clay of Building and Safety to find what developers and flippers like Re-Inhabit can get away with in Los Angeles. Turns out, a lot!

2980 Waverly before re-inhabit got hold of it

2980 Waverly before re-inhabit got hold of it


Built in 1926, 2980 Waverly Drive was sold last February, and sold again, by John Aaroe Group, this September 2013, for twice the price. The 6 months in between was hell in Silver Lake.

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My favorite event of the Halloween season is happening again this year: the Silver Lake Howl-O-Ween Dog Costume Pageant!

pumpkin patch in Santa Clarita

Silver Lake Neighborhood council tells me they hung up 20 laminated flyers for this Halloween party all around Silver Lake this week, and someone took them all down! What kind of jackass would do such a thing??? TO THE POOR DOGS?!  So here’s more on the dog parade.

Event Dets for Dogs in Halloween costumes

Sunday, Oct 27, 2013

3Pm to 5 PM

Inside the Small Dog Park

Free, with lots of great prizes!

5th year of this fun event for dogs and dog lovers. The prizes I saw were pretty fancy, with some nice gift baskets, etc.

Fun even without a dog!

I don’t have a dog, but I have promoted shelter dogs on Facebook for years, so I’m a passionate observer. And I was anxious to try out my new cell phone last year, which has a really excellent camera – the best camera in the Virgin Mobile lineup: HTC One V.  And it didn’t disappoint!

pug in costume Howl-o-ween

fancy pug in Halloween duds
























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I’ve been hearing John & Ken talk for over a week on KFI about this poor man who was being kept in a Mexican jail because he was trying to move a gun across the border. Jon Hammer, a former Marine, had already been held in jail since August, and now his mother, Olivia Hammer, was all over the media, calling for his release.

immaculate antbird, from wiki

My ears pricked up when I heard them say that the gun was an antique, not really usable, and could only be used against small birds. Hmm, why say that unless he was planning to kill these vicious small birds?





Ex-Marine Jon Hammar headed south with fellow veteran Ian McDonough on what was supposed to be a few months of surfing and camping in a Winnebago in Costa Rica…

Hammar, however, had packed his great grandfather’s shotgun, a .410 Sears and Roebuck model nearly 100 years old.  Hammar had hoped to hunt small birds with it while living in Costa Rica, Olivia said.

Say what? Is that what Marines do when they’re on leave or discharged, go shoot tiny birds for fun?


public domain, from wiki, black-necked stilt

The two had recently finished a treatment program for post-traumatic stress disorder, which Hammar suffered after fighting in Fallujah, Afghanistan, according to his mother, Olivia.

Oh, it sounds like killing  is the new avant-garde way to treat PSD in rehab now. Just keep on killin’. Btw, I’m against gun control, but are these really men you want to be armed at this point in their lives?

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