Find Newspaper Editors

 splash stripWhether you’re a freelance writer or self-syndicated cartoonist, an editorial cartoonist or opinion writer, or just want to mouth off to your favorite (or most hated) columnist, you need a contact list.

These staff listings are often hard to locate on the newspaper’s own website, but that’s where you’ll find the reporters or department you’re looking for.

There are several lists of newspaper sites: California Newspapers is a good one for local papers here, and Mondo Times is probably the best for national. (Mondo says it also lists TV stations and magazines, but I only use them for papers.)

man reading newspaperThe problem is, Mondo is a slow site, with too many pages to click through to get the information, and although it includes the circulation and the top 3 or 4 editors, that’s not usually what I need.

In addition, although their links go to the main home page of the paper; I don’t want the news, I want the news-makers.

Emails and phone numbers of newspaper editors

Newspapers have made some departments easy to find, of course: Circulation, Classified, Obituaries. (:( ) That’s not what this list  is. You need the journalists.

Most of these news sites do have s a list of  their own editors and reporters, but they all call it something different: mastheads, newsrooms, staff, departments, contacts, and any number of other titles. This means the editors are difficult to find quickly, even in that paper’s own sitemap. And there are a lot of ad-filled pages to plow through, to find that page.

With that in mind, I’m compiling the list below, directly linking to each  newspaper’s newsroom contacts, which will be for my own future reference, as well as yours! They almost all include the editor’s or reporter’s name, title, phone, and email.

This is an ongoing list and will be updated; I’ll add new papers as I scout the newsroom pages.

If you’re a freelancer or cartoonist, you’ll probably want to call or email the Features Editor (called the Managing Editor in magazines). Opinion and editorial writers will want to head to the masthead or Editorial Department, or Letters to the Editor. The rest of you, you’re on your own.

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