Raven talks about criminal 3 strikes law.

law library bird
raven hangs out in law library


I could have put this in the Political Cartoons category, I guess, too! I was thinking New Yorker at the time. But there’s something so scholarly about the law, always looking for loopholes, rewriting, examining it one more time, that makes me think of Liberals and their pansy ways.

We have the 3 strikes law out here, yet criminals almost always get one more chance with Liberal judges. One more time.

I’m sure you know, this cartoon is a take off on Edgar Allen Poe’s black raven in his own study, who https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41Tm3TmvBkL._SL75_.jpgchatted to Poe about his recently deceased lover, Lenore. When the man asked if he would see her in heaven, the bird kept saying, Nevermore. NOT “Maybe one more time.”

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ID # n499       Caption: LIBERAL RAVEN. Well…maybe one more time. (Raven sits on door and speaks to man, saying Maybe, instead of  Nevermore.)


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