Televised trial cartoon.

lawyers and media at odds
three argumentative people walked into a bar…

The scuttlebutt among cartoonists is that the profession that most enjoys cartoons is doctors. It’s certainly true that medical journals (used to) buy the most. Maybe they are sad, and secretly would rather laugh in surgery, or at their patients.

But I, personally have always found that it’s attorneys who light up when they find out I’m a cartoonist. I think they appreciate a good turn of phrase.

That doesn’t mean they’ll like this one, of course.

Lawyers, judges & journalists are often at odds, aren’t they? This makes for fun televised trials, like the classic and never to be forgotten OJ trials! This cartoon, however, refers to Rodney King’s speech during the LA riots. He recently passed away, RIP.

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ID #n3588a        Caption:  Can’t lawyers, judges and journalists all just learn to get along?

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