Prisoners are funny, but sad.

what if you couldn't vote?
ex-cons are like most americans – they can’t vote, because they can’t find their voting place

I’ve been fascinated by prisons, even before one of the greatest shows ever, Prison Break. In high school I even did a Social Studies term paper on the penal system! If I had the opportunity, I’d like to do a series of prison cartoons on contract. I’ve only been  inside 3 jails, and one was defunct, being used as a movie set, but I’d like to visit more.

I think it was the Lincoln Heights jail, which I see in Wiki is haunted, but I didn’t know it that day! The main thing that bothered me was the unbelievable echoing and noise from just ordinary moviemaking going on – it was the loudest building I’ve ever been in. I can’t imagine how terrible it sounds with activity & people in there – they must have to re-dub any sound.

(Ex-cons can’t vote. Also, they can’t own firearms. Supposedly. They can own stocks, but the timing is important…)

Here’s how to buy this or any law cartoon for powerpoint, law journals, newsletters, books, etc.

ID #n3902b        Caption: I don’t own stocks, and I can’t vote. It’s all good. (two convicts in prison)

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