What to do if you hear noises in the house.

man in bed worries he hears an intruder
hear ye, hear ye

What should you do when you hear a burglar in the house? Whistle a happy tune? Or are you more like me, and you’d rather obsess over legal charges and how to get him arrested?!

Okay, I guess this cartoon is more for people who DON’T know legal definitions! Other words ordinary people get confused about (meaning me): libel, slander & defamation. I have been known to lie awake on these. Actually, maybe I should post this cartoon in my Psychology Today blog under the topic heading… anxiety? …Misdirection?

Here’s how to buy this or any law cartoon for powerpoint, law journals, newsletters, books, etc.

ID #n542a        Caption: Is it burglary or robbery? (man lies sleepless in bed as he hears noises in the house)

Donna Barstow

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