X-rays for your soul.

doctor tells patient he doesn't have a backbone to stand on

Oh, dear. I’m afraid some may think this cartoon is a reflection of what I think of certain men: that they don’t have a backbone. Or, you know, any kind of bone, anywhere. Or any word beginning with “bone.” (I’m bad at Scrabble.)

They rate diamonds by their hardness…why not bones?

No,  this cartoon is not just about men, for I judge both men and women for their strength: how they “stand up” , or don’t, for either themselves, a cause, an opinion. Because without courage, and something strong to stand on, one is just a quivering pile of jello. Gross.

Even the doctor here can’t give a full-out direct prognosis; he wants a second opinion! What a weenie.

Plus, my latest  in PsychCentral: Better not show this cartoon to your therapist.

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ID # 3011as     Caption: Doctor has full-body x-ray of patient’s entire skeleton, and says to patient: “Well, I’d want the whole thing taken out, but you might want a second opinion on that.”

I can’t help it, I still think this cartoon is hysterical. I think I sold it somewhere, but if not, I should have. This is a d**n fine cartoon.

For those interested in the drawing, this is a limited palette: greys and gold.

Donna Barstow

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