Girl and her dog dump her boyfriend

girl tells her boyfriend he doesn't make enough money
girl tells boyfriend her dog likes him, but she doesn’t.













This is a New Yorker type cartoon (although it wasn’t published there) because they just love cartoons that put down men, and also talk about money. Also, they prefer to include a dog, for no reason.  But, girlfriends, don’t tell me this hasn’t crossed your mind from time to time anyway!

I mean, I admire a couple of women attorneys I know who married um, an unsold scriptwriter, or an, um, househusband. This happens. But not in the world of struggling cartoonists, it doesn’t.

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ID # 3571gh       Caption: Sorry, Kevin, it turns out Spike did like you, but we both think you smell like a man with a small income. (woman with dog dumps her former boyfriend) He just doesn’t smell like money…

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