Girl Talk cartoons.

woman asks beau if her new shoes are over the top
woman asks date if her new shoes are too outlandish – YES!

This is a Girl Talk cartoon.

I did a page-a-day calendar for Barnes & Noble called What do Women Really Want? Cats, Chocolate, Shoes, and Love! (2003)

I sold it because of the title (my own)  that most people laughed at, and on the fact that I had been doing cartoons about women for many years, and even had a section on my website called Girl Talk Cartoons.

This is all to say that I was the only one using that term, and I’ve been using it continuously online for over 14 years.

Complaint about Cartoonstock’s Cartoon Category, Girl Talk Cartoons

Now, it’s come to my attention that a cartoon syndicate, Cartoonstock, copied my category title, Girl Talk Cartoons, and is using it  on their site. Creepy. I’ve never worked with them, but of course I know the name – they’re the low-ballers of the syndicates, going for single  buyers rather than newspapers, and they pay cartoonists accordingly.

I was surprised to see they’re totally based in the UK, even though the large majority of their cartoonists (more than 700) are American. Only a couple dozen of the cartoonists are professional, or widely-known. And only about 3% of their cartoonists are women. Yet Cartoonstock built  this large category called Girl Talk Cartoons?! (They also call it Girl Chat.) I guess they’ll throw it all up there, and see what sticks!

Well, boys will be boys, especially in Merry Olde England, where publishing is more lax than in the US.  Still, they’re copycats.

Shoe shopping cartoon

A couple of my relatives worked in footwear, and that meant I was always well-shod growing up (and so were my happy best friends!), but I’m not obsessed with them, the way some women are. I’m curious about them,  and interested in them in a design sense; but comfort on my tender feet is important to me, so I rarely buy the high heels Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) is so wild about.

Still new shoes are really really fun, and they fit even when you feel fat. Now, ask me about handbags, and you’ll see me go wild.

Did I made the bows big enough to make this joke work?

Also: my latest ice cream review in my Chocolate Arts blog also contains a cartoon in color.

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ID # 3011as     Caption:Woman says to male friend: Oh, thanks. You don’t think they’re too pretentious?


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