Cartoon Books

You asked for them… cartoon books.

go to hell book

Love Me True

Love Me or Go To Hell: True Love Cartoons, about love and not-love. Sold into a second printing in the first week. It has over 200 cartoons by five feline-type cartoonist girlfriends. Meow.

Why I wrote this book. The first question I ask a married woman is, “Where did you meet your husband?” I must know! What are the secrets and signals of love, and how does it all work?  This issue is always coming up in my cartoons.

Description. There are over 216 cartoons, which is twice as many as the ubiquitous New Yorker books! A nice variety of drawing styles and Attitude. Fits perfectly into your purse for Girls Night Out.  220 pages, 5″ square, softcover. Buy it now. Or if you want it signed with a sketch, go here.

Women and Chocolate

chocolate cartoonsWhat Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate! There’s no other book like this anywhere. Family Circle named it book of the month! Brownies, cupcakes, ice cream, it’s all here, and it’s not vanilla any more. Very handsome, with tons of reviews from food writers and critics.

Why I wrote this book. I think about chocolate, or desserts including chocolate, every day.  Apparently quite a few other people feel the same way, including editors, because I’ve certainly sold a lot of cartoons about it!

Description. The chocolate-brown cover is smooth, almost silky, and in contrast, the pages are thick and super-white. The publisher decided it should be a hardback, to be a real collector’s item.  There are over 120 fullpage cartoons about ice cream, cake, brownies, cookies and of course chocolate. The foreword is by the famous author of The Cake Bible (the best!!!) and 11 other cookbooks, Rose Levy Beranbaum, and she thought this was so special that she wrote her first introduction for it.

140 pp, 8″ square, hardback. You can find it on Amazon, or if you want me to sign it, and, or, do an original, delicious sketch in the book, in milk chocolate ink, buy it immediately.

Chocolate book reviews for What Do Women Really Want? Chocolate!

Family Circle: Book of the Month Award!” Her cartoons are a calorie-free way to indulge in chocolate and feed  your funny bone. Check out her yummy collection.”

Chocolatier Magazine: “As a magazine devoted to chocolate, we recognize that almost everyone loves chocolate. …which is why we’re so excited about What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate! Barstow’s irreverent cartoons are laced with truth…With simple line drawings and limited words, Barstow captures the bliss, satisfaction, comfort and insanity that is the relationship between women and chocolate.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Now that both chocolate and laughter have officially been deemed beneficial to health, it only makes sense to team the two. That’s what Donna Barstow did in her debut book. Her cartoons appear in newspapers and magazines across the country…With simple line drawings and limited words, Barstow captures the bliss, satisfaction, comfort and insanity that is the relationship between women and chocolate. your funny bone.”

Milwaukee Sentinel: “Oh, Fudge.”

My Chocolate Blog (has some cartoons from the book): More Chocolate Cartoons And my Facebook page: What Do Women Really Want? Chocolate!, ready to Like.