Making Lemons Out of Lemonade Cartoon

3 single women on the prowl for available men

May does have May 1, when the custom used to be picking flowers as gifts for your neighbors and loved ones, and leaving them by their door in the morning. I think I did that once.

But isn’t it also what they say in movies about war, when things are going badly? May day, mayday. And one year, on May 2, 2011, it’s when they ambushed Osama bin Laden and executed him.

I was doing cartoons for Slate and Yahoo! News at the time, and although I was thrilled for the US, I was also horrified at the details, and how the execution was, well, executed, in front of his wives. No self-defense, no trial.

So this caption was the result of my mixed feelings and shock. Always go for the laugh.

I used this cartoon a few days ago, with a different take, where I ask: Was he hot? In my column in PsychCentral, and I titled it: 3 Ladies in a Bar and Osama bin lLaden.

ID#110504    Caption: Okay, but let’s be honest, girls. Now there’s also one less available man.


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