Why does California suck up to sucky Kaiser Permanente?

Calif Jerry Brown gets bribe from Kaiser Health plan
Gov Jerry Brown likes Kaiser from the bottom of his SOUL

Can you tell I really don’t like insurance companies!? And Kaiser Permanente is so so bad. Why WAS Kaiser the the only plan to get to keep this income program? In addition, Kaiser doesn’t have to subcontract out any of it now, as they had been doing before this sweetheart deal, so they slurp up any surplus. Other businesses had been benefiting from the health insurance plans subcontracting out portions of the work, but no more. Win win Kaiser, lose everyone else.

So WHY did they get this big Sacramento favor? Well, I don’t know for sure – have not found that anyone does – but they did give a nice bouquet of $250,000 to Gov. Jerry Brown. How kind of them!

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ID #120625        Caption: Healthy Families, Unhealthy Government. (Jerry Brown reads paper with headline, Why is Kaiser Permanente the only health plan to keep the Healthy Families Program? A vase of flowers reads, to JB from KP – a gift (election present) worth $260,000.

Donna Barstow

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