Jerry Brown kisses the union don’s ring.

gov jerry brown kisses ring of teachers union
gov jerry brown kisses ring of teachers union

We’re not very good at managing money in California, are we? On the other hand, Jerry Brown is very good at sucking up to unions. And of course I was referencing a mafia Don, and how one needs to kiss his ring to stay safe. ;)

From my weekly cartoon feature on California news & politics. Try out this California cartoon for powerpoint, state journals, newsletters, blogs, books, etc. Details here.

ID #120319e        Caption: UNION POWER in action! Of course, I bow and change my tax proposal to suit you… (Gov Jerry Brown bows to union leader, Calf Federal Teachers Union, and kisses his ring like the union guy is the Mafia.  Little bird says: Even though you’re already 2 billion short!

Donna Barstow

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