If Glee ran the State of California.

california offices run like high school in glee
california offices run like high school in glee

This cartoon on a couple of California leaders and followers puts everybody in their place. I believe I was influenced by the TV show, Glee, for this one! LAObserved and Daily News both ran with it, and I got some fan mail, too.

From my weekly cartoon feature on California news & politics. Try out this California cartoon for powerpoint, state journals or educational journals, Emmy, newsletters, blogs, books, etc. Details here.

ID # 110228o       Caption: IF CALIFORNIA WAS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. Current cool kids, the Dems, Feel-good Principal Jerry Brown (he could kick you out, but he won’t), Lunchroom Lady Lockyer (California Treasurer), and Newest Clique – Taxpayer Caucus.

Donna Barstow

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